Have you Done a Marketing Audit Recently?

Nico-1880_8x12C_LoResMarketing Audit can be vital prior to future planning. If answered honestly, the following questions will help your marketing pro gain clarity and understand the environments and practices to evaluate what you are doing, why you are doing it, and its effectiveness. The following questions are preliminary in scope and should be submitted after an initial orientation meeting with your marketing consultant.

Once completed, they would be reviewed and then followed up by a more extensive marketing audit that dives down into the key promo mix tactics you’re using, your overall strategies, your budget, etc.

Can you provide a simple SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of your present situation?

Can you breakdown your key brands and/or revenue areas by %?
• Is this model what you envision over next 3 years?
• What would you change?

Would you say your company is nimble or slow to change?

How open would your Management be to new marketing strategies?

What is your mission statement?
• How aligned to your mission would you say you are company-wide?
• How about marketing wise?
• What could be improved?
• Does your company have a visionary that is symbolic of your mission?
• What does your visionary do to expand sales and stakeholder engagement?

How do you differentiate yourself against your competition?
• Do you feel you’ve gained or lost ground to competition over the last few years?
• Target your chief competitor. What are they doing that you wish you would do?
• How do you envision marketing impacting your brand growth and sales?

Which of your products and or services deserve more marketing support? Why?

What key revenue generating areas would you like to see your marketing impact?

Do you need a marketing makeover or brand refresh?
• Would a new website be in order?
• When was the last time you refreshed your look?
• Do you need enhanced stakeholder engagement?
• Would expanding social media be something you’d consider in the near future?
• How urgent would creating more thoughtful strategies and tactics be?

What marketing leadership/management have you had internally or externally?
• Are the right people in place, and if not, how do you address the holes?
• Would you be open to creating a new strategic marketing plan?
• What worked and didn’t work with your last consultant or agency?
• How best could LM&S support your existing team?

Do you have an annual marketing budget (actual vs. forecasted)?
• Who creates it?
• What % of total GSV is it?
• Has it driven ROI? How so?
• What measurements are in place to know how effective your plan is?

Does your marketing plan match up with your overall goals?
• If so, how?
• If not, why not?

Do your individual marketing tactics/campaigns support the overall marketing plan?
• If so, how?
• If not, why not?
• Which are strongest?
• Which need improvement?
• What are you measuring and why?
• Would automation and measurement analytics be important?
• What’s the plan for consistent improvement over time?

Rank the following Key Areas (bold) and tactics (bulleted) in order of potential importance that might pertain to your marketing plan (scale of 1-10 with 10 being most important):

Marketing Communications: (rank____)
• Advertising, PR: (rank____)
• Cause marketing (product tie-ins): (rank____)
• Corporate ID: (rank____)
• Training materials, brochures: (rank____)

Direct & Personal: (rank____)
• Direct mail and database marketing: (rank____)
• E-blast programs: (rank____)
• “Official store” promotional products sales: (rank____)

Web/Online: (rank____)
• Social media, influencer tactics: (rank____)
• Content tactics, website, blog, video: (rank____)
• Digital content marketing, CMS: (rank____)

Marketing Research/Analytics: (rank____)
• Research and insights: (rank____)
• Automation best practices: (rank____)
• Metrics, dashboards, reporting: (rank____)

Rank the following on a scale of 1-10, (10 being most true) regarding your current situation:

____    Lack of manpower to execute marketing plans

____    Limited engagement with customers, leads, stakeholders

____    Lack of budget, time, and creative expertise

____    Lack of knowledge about execution of marketing tactics

____    Lack of bandwidth for content development and implementation

How would you potentially consider working with LM&S?
• Hourly
• Monthly retainer
• Per project

What would you expect from LM&S in the next 60 days?

What do you value most from your agency partner?