4 Keys to Improve Web Inbound Sales Conversion for Brands

Create more engagement and conversion with these essential online inbound sales strategies

As a content marketing agency, we’ve found that implementing the following four key inbound sales website strategies can help shift the needle toward better online conversion and increased sales.

It’s a part of our web best practices as a digital marketing agency for small businesses – especially in the gourmet foods vertical.


1. Create offers and calls to action (CTA’s)

Pop-ups will attract strangers to raise their handBarnana.png

They can be effective as pop-ups break a visitor’s attention as they browse.

If they’re fun, exclusive, and educational, they’ll perform better than just discount offers.

Here’s a pop up from the good folks at Barnana that simplifies signup by only asking for the email address. The site is grayed out while you decide to opt in. As a website design los angeles agency, we recommend Pop-ups to squeeze decision making – part of good best practices.

Include a CTA in your main banner – above the fold


Convert strangers into leads with a valuable piece of content.

At Calton Nutrition, the company’s commitment is to educate stangers about the power of micronutrients. With this nice CTA on their homepage, they’ve positioned themselves as helpful and also as authorities in their field.

The CTA gives you a clear action to take. When you click to receive their 54-page e-book, the landing page with form asks for your first name and email.

A good conversion goal might be 20%. That’s the total number of people who get to a landing page and fill out the form. This type of conversion can happen no matter where the website visitor is in his or her Buyers Journey.

If your CTA’s and landing pages offer value and help educate, then you’re elevating your company and your brand. Do what content marketing agency pros advocate – create valuable content that educates and informs. The hallmark of inbound sales.


2. Blog to attract, convert, and build thought leadership

Content with a purpose is a key to any strong inbound sales program.

How does a blog attract and convert new visitors? 

Strangers are searching for information online. They’ve got questions or problems  they’re looking to solve. If your blog posts provide those answers, they’ll find your posts and will click through and read them, now turning them into visitors of your site.

Every time you publish a blog post, you’re creating a new, unique page online. And you’re increasing your chances of ranking in search results, having other websites link to you, and being shared on social media.

The result over time will be more new traffic to your site – and better inbound sales.

8 tips to create awesome inbound sales oriented blog posts:

  1. Keep them helpful, not “salesy” and be educational – offering value and answers
  2. Keep titles under 60 characters with a long-tail keyword for SEO
  3. Do keyword research that your ideal Buyer Personas would search for
  4. Focus on a simple specific topic – keep the post about 600 words
  5. Embed three passive hyperlinked CTA’s in the body
  6. Use good formatting, generous white space, section headings, and graphics
  7. Include a CTA at the bottom relevant to your topic
  8. Share on social media (have visible sharing buttons) and promote via e-mail


Kasandrinos website.png3. Improve your website with SEO

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attracts more visitors. Potential buyers of your brand and specialty food influencers may be looking for relevant content.

SEO should include what most marketing agencies Los Angeles based advocate:

1. Keyword research
2. Creating content around those keywords
3. Optimizing content around a primary keyword
4. Promoting your content
5. Earning links to your content


4. Include social media icons in web navigation




Get people connected through noticeable social media links.

They’ll be more likely to engage with your brand. And they’ll probably be more likely to share that buying experience post sale. That’s why social media is such a good tool for customer service.

Social media builds your credibility and illustrates social proof that you have a captive audience. As a social media marketing los angeles agency, we’ve seen this work for gourmet food companies.

So follow what savvy marketing companies in Los Angeles recommend to create more engagement.


Key takeaways from this post

  1. Create educational CTA’s with compelling pop-ups and landing pages 
  2. Blog often to build credibility, page ranking, and thought leadership 
  3. Use targeted SEO that your ideal customers (Buyer Personas) are searching for 
  4. Display social media icons prominently to engage your audience faster 
  5. Implement what content marketing agency pros advocate