Aligning Marketing with Sales
Move Toward Common Goals to Improve Revenue

Where Sales & Marketing Come Together

A Key Element to Inbound Success

The Inbound method sees Marketing & Sales as two halves of the same team. Would your company benefit from this stronger alignment? "Smarketing" lives in the "Close" stage of Inbound. It's where marketing passes qualified leads to sales to be closed into customers. Without Smarketing, a significant number of leads may drop.

LM&S will improve your relationship between Marketing & Sales. You’ll be in a better position to hit key revenue targets.

Is Smarketing a Good Fit for You?

It works with any size organization!

Let LM&S help put Smarketing into practice for you. Small businesses may find it most applicable at management levels. But as your company grows, you can choose leaders in the Marketing & Sales teams to manage alignment.

Ask us how Smarketing can reduce lost leads. Enhance organizational transparency & accountability.