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A market capitalization of over $256 Billion. The largest online sales platform in the world. Over $60 Billion in first party sales and over 270 million customers. Amazon has the potential to reach millions of new and existing customers. But differentiating your brand and driving sales isn’t easy. So how do you sell more? We’ll show you!

Headshot-1BW“If you’re a premium brand with quality products and outstanding customer service but have an Amazon storefront with low or stagnant sales that lacks optimization, we see growth potential.”

– Shannon Roddy, LM&S Amazon Specialist

New Amazon Sellers

We’ll launch your products

Existing Amazon Sellers

Optimizing your Store

Brands we look for

Unique or emerging brands. High-quality premium products in a niche market with a growing consumer base. Via Amazon, we bring forward your brand differentiator. We love companies with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our method

• Understand your brand & product(s)
• Analyze your target demographics
• Do solid keyword & buyer persona research
• Leverage search terms & phrases
• Create engaging product listings
• Re-launch your storefront

 Client: Not Ketchup

How we work

We believe in a highly collaborative process. We’ll create a consulting agreement for you that makes sense and allows for mutual growth as result of our cumulative success from our optimization work we do.


Amazon Store & Product Analysis

New to selling on Amazon? Or maybe you’ve been at it for years. Either way, there’s room for growth. We understand factors that make your store successful – or not! Whatever the case, we’ll take you to the next level.

Get an analysis of your Amazon Store & top-10 products
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We’ll contact you with any questions & provide your results

Optimizing your Amazon store

 Client: Search Dog Foundation

Grading your storefront

Using our proven best practices, we grade your storefront and products – then provide a brief assessment. The current organic search for your company and products will reveal opportunity to capitalize on both branded and non-branded search terms to increase your current and future customer base.

 Client: Blackwelder Coffee

Analysis & strategy planning

• Analyze current storefront
• Analyze current top product listings
• Review brand strategy & target market
• Create Scope of Work with suggested optimizations

 Client: Healthy Pets, Inc.

Applying best practices

Based on your needs and unique situation.

• Optimize product titles
• Write & optimize product features
• Write & edit product features
• Analyze & optimize current campaigns
• Add & update product search terms
• Analyze sessions & conversion rates

 Former Employer: Helen Grace Chocolates

Seller Central management

With Amazon’s Seller Central user interface we’ll provide simple yet sophisticated dashboard reporting and breakdowns of related analytics. These include keyword ad campaign performance, promo results, and sales analysis.

 Client: Energetic Nutrition

Advanced service elements

Also based on your needs and goals.

• Merge duplicate listings
• Create parent/child variations
• Remove unauthorized listings
• Distribution enforcement strategies
• Amazon Brand Registry
• Automated product reviews

Where necessary we employ a network of Amazon affiliate services including Amazon product photography, Amazon PPC Campaign managers, integrated services and more.

Our Trusted Business Partner

We’ve developed our Amazon offerings, methods, processes, and optimization with our trusted business partner Shannon Roddy, Founder of Marketplace Seller Courses.

Marketplace Seller Courses is designed specifically for manufacturers selling on Amazon to provide essential strategies and proven methods of setting up their storefront, optimizing, and launching their products as well as dealing with advanced seller issues. Complimentary access to the course is included with any retainer agreement.

What’s your Amazon Stores story?

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