Cause  Marketing

Enhances engagement & good will
While driving revenue & exposure

Connecting company to charity

Go from successful to significant

The synergy of a charity connected to a company can last for decades. If you’re a company wanting to tie into a charity, we can help. Likewise, if you’re a charity wanting to increase corporate sponsor donations, we can help. Strategic cause marketing combined with inbound strategies will inspire a radiating effect – from employees to customers, to the public, and to the world.

For companies

Add purpose to your brand

Get to the heart of your company’s core values with Inbound Cause Marketing. After an analysis, we’ll recommend the charities that may make sense to target.

Build corporate citizenship

Strategic Inbound Cause Marketing creates rich content and social media opportunities. It means measurable results, tangible ROI, and improved reputation.

For charities

Grow your corporate support

Enhance your corporate relationships with a tiered template plan. It ties into your mission and development efforts. Leverage content and social media to drive interest, engagement, and revenue.

Research & planning

A marketing audit of your present support will reveal opportunity areas. We’ll research and identify opportunities for renewed asks and prospect nurturing.

Branding your corporate program

LM&S can implement a “club” that reflects your charity’s mission, core values, and program efforts. Go after larger alliance sponsorships and smaller plays via a tiered program of benefits.

License your powerful content

Create a powerful menu of your charity’s officially-licensed content for a partner company to use. LM&S can show you a proven track record of success.

What’s your Cause Marketing story?

We’ll give you a creative solution