Inbound  Sales

Move toward a “buyer-centric” approach
shared information earns credibility with prospects

Relevant, personal, & delightful

Transform your sales strategy

Buyers today are empowered. Often a salesman’s ability is trumped by social media signs. Hard closers and single phone scripts are giving way to more “buyer-centric” nurturing. And automated workflows are gaining momentum. With technology, the sales process has changed dramatically along with consumer buying habits. Evolve your selling strategy to focus on your buyer’s journey.

Another stage of the inbound methodology

Inbound sales fits into the Close section of the Inbound Methodology. But how do inbound marketing and sales fit together? If we’re transforming the way we market, why not transform the way we sell?

No more cold-calling days

Instead of the old, traditional seller-centric sales, focus on the new buyer-centric inbound method that’s attracting & nurturing propsects.

Taking your sales inbound

Target the right people

When content has been published, make sure that the content is what your buyer personas are looking for. It’s important to understand where your prospects are in the buyer’s journey so that you can target the right people at the right time.

Research & understand your leads

A research needs to be done in order to truly understand who your prospects are. Look for company info, read about their industry, check their social media, or even find their engagement with your company.

Connect with your audience

Allow yourself to genuinely understand their goals & challenges without being biased. Build rapport & be supportive by providing educational & helpful information.

Be a sales educator

People no longer want to feel as if they’re talking to a sales robot. Instead, become a trusted advisor. Provide prospects a relevant and personal sales experience. Watch as your company reputation builds.

What’s your Inbound Sales story?

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