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Client: Dr. Dalton’s Dog Treats
New Amazon Store Launch (in progress)

Premium line of wholesome, nutritious treats for dogs featuring all-natural ingredients.

The Dr. Dalton team came to us requesting a three flagship products launch on Amazon Prime. They wanted a very simple procedure to getting their products running and shipping to the Amazon warehouses in an efficient time frame. Their new product launch included us establishing automated Amazon promotional campaigns as well as setting up a suite of automated emails generated through FeedbackGenius, which helped with customer service and reinforcing brand engagement with customers.


Project Highlights
• stay tuned

• Simply Chicken product became an Amazon’s Choice Product within 45 days of launch

Client: Search Dog Foundation
Official Online Amazon Store

LM&S developed the official Amazon store for the Search Dog Foundation. National charity non-profit serving America’s emergency response by rescuing dogs and pairing them with firefighters. We on-boarded all SDF branded products to Amazon including logo’d apparel, gifts, pet products, and a new line of pet nutritional supplements.

The Amazon project was created as a special consumer push to finish its $30MM campaign to build the country’s only full-scale National Training Center for America’s Canine Search Teams.

Project Highlights
• Launched over 50 products in less than 30 days
• Wrote all new branded copy
• Created full SEO strategy
• Automated customer service emails
• Created promotional campaigns in pet category

• Amazon outpaced e-commerce website sales by 80%
• 220% improvement in page conversions
• Lowered advertising Cost of Sale (ACos) to ~5%
• Before all inventory sold, Amazon outsold website by 30%

“Thanks for helping us create significant results and exposure for our charity via the launch of our closeout canine supplements on Amazon and official Amazon online storefront with our branded merchandise and pet products.” – Debra Tosch, Executive Director

Client: WISP Industries
Amazon Store Launch

Innovative line of cleaning, sweeping products featuring new technologically advanced features for effortless sweeping.

We helped WISP launch new products both Merchant Fulfilled and then moved to FBA Prime.

Project Highlights
• Reorganized parent/child products
• Competitor research
• Commissioned product photography
• Uploaded lifestyle photos
• Reorganized parent/child products
• Wrote new branded copy using updated formatting
• Re-did SEO for titles and product description
• Automated customer service emails
• Consolidated old product reviews into new listings
• Ran manual and automated campaigns

• Sessions/Page Views increased by 189%
• 600% increase in sales from launch month to month 2
• Achieved #1 New Release in multiple categories
• #1 Best Seller in multiple categories
• Achieved conversion rates up to 30% on best-selling products

“You’re our Amazon rock star. I found your knowledge, expertise, and performance, related to all things Amazon best in class. For companies and brands using direct to consumer marketing channels, Amazon has become one of the most important – if not the most important – online marketplaces. Also, having access to the Amazon Seller Courses and your guidance is a must have for any company attempting to navigate and optimize their Amazon business.” – Robin Behar, Chief Marketing Officer

Client: Helen Grace Chocolates
Amazon Store Launch

60 year old family-owned regional manufacturer of premium boxed chocolates with a loyal customer base and chain of 20 retail stores.

This was one of our first experiences launching a line of products on Amazon. We initially began with just boxed chocolates but then extended with seasonal gifts, and specialties. After a few months, we added bulk stock boxes available for wholesale purchase.

We had sharp seasonal spikes at the holidays and Valentines – so we mixed a variety of special promotions which helped boost ranking and sales.

Project Highlights
• Reorganized parent/child products
• Built entire Amazon storefront and all product listings
• Managed all fulfillment with 99% customer satisfaction record
• On-boarded over 100 SKU’s for wholesale and direct sales
• All aspects of development, launch, and promotion

• $150k+ GSV in less than 7 months from launch
• Acquired over 1,000 Amazon customers
• Achieved 100+ 5-star Seller reviews
• Got to page 1 for boxed chocolates and specialties
• Reorders increased 30% y/y
• Product reviews went from 0 to 400+ in 6 months

“Our gross boxed and specialty chocolate sales on Amazon went from zero to over six figures in less than 7 months. Amazon was a significant boost for our company’ overall branding strategy. Awesome job.” – Mike Harrigian, COO

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