Inbound  Sales

Attract, convert, & nurture qualified leads
evolve your selling to align with your customer buying habits

Transform your sales engine

Is your sales approach customer centric?

Inbound sales is about creating a relevant, personal, delightful experience. With so many empowered buyers these days, it’s no wonder more and more companies are finding inbound sales much more effective than old-school methods. From supporting the buyer’s needs and following their timeline to leveraging the buyer’s context, Inbound Sales can transform the way you or your sales team sells.

“Buyers have more information available to them and higher expectations for a relevant, personal experience when making a purchase. Giving them a relevant, personal, “delightful” experience, driven by their needs, on their timeline is what an inbound approach to sales is all about.” – Brian Halligan, HubSpot Co-Founder & CEO

Redefining the “Close”

As you might have guessed, Inbound sales fits into the Close section of the Inbound Methodology. The sales process has changed because consumer buying habits have changed. Inbound Sales supports this ever-changing buying process.

Selling that’s buyer-centric

Forgot cold-calling and learning a static script. To succeed you’ll want to align your efforts based upon the buyer’s situation. The inbound approach is very buyer-centric. Often times, the more information you share, the more credibility you earn with your prospects.

Generating & converting leads

To receive content, web visitors give their contact information by converting on forms. When they do, they’ll become leads. Lead nurturing programs and contextual touches cultivate leads through the sales funnel until they are ready for your sales team to make contact.

Inbound selling

Adopting Inbound Best Practices

As an Inbound Marketing & Sales agency, LM&S can help you develop a smarter selling approach. It ties into the Inbound Method and with marketing people love. Not all leads are a good fit. And not all leads are ready to buy. Ideally, leads will be filtered before they get passed to sales. That’s why it’s important to understand where they fall in the buyer’s journey.

• Targeting accounts in a new way

• Creating a Smarketing plan

• Prospecting the Inbound way

• Creating stronger account connections

• Improving prospects’ opinion of your sales

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