Is Your Website Accessible to People with Disabilities?

ADA Compliance & what it means to you.
March 18, 2022 was when the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued an opinion on ADA Compliance for websites.

Because of the DOJ's official position that business websites should meet specific accessibility standards, the number of non-compliance lawsuits have quickly risen. And It can happen to you.

We support an ethical and inclusive solution to prevent problems specialty food brands might face when it comes to risk their e-commerce website has from non-compliance.

Web Accessibility (ADA) Lawsuits & Demand Letters

of 2022 Tittle III lawsuits due to web compliance
Affirmed Tittle III of thr ADA applies to websites, Nov. 2018
Estimated number of demand letters sent in 2020
Of demand letters settled outside of court, avg. $5k-$20k

Every Website Including Yours Needs to Be ADA Compliant

We recommend accessiBe. It's a simple, powerful, and affordable AI and machine learning solution.

Easy, fast, & secure implementation
The disabled adjust how they view your site
Doesn't interfere with code or web design
Re-scans your website every 24 hours
Maintain ADA & WCAG compliance 24/7/365
Personalized reports proving compliance
Install accessiBe with your brand colors

Disabilities Targeted
With ADA Compliance

Comprehension  adjustment 
Keyboard-nav optimization
Assistive technology & screenreader  optimization
Stop  flashing animations  to prevent seizures
Closed  captions 
UI  & design  adjustments

The Disabled Are 20% of the World's Population

A segment of people you cannot ignore.
Offering the disabled a compliant website is a huge step toward creating a world promoting inclusion of us all.
The disabled are very brand loyal.
Think of what that says about your brand when they're included in your website. When you've made it a point to say "you matter to us."
Tax Benefits.
We believe inclusion practices are the right thing to do. But having an ADA compliant website can make you eligible for valuable tax credit benefits. You can get up to 50% of tax credits on accessibility expenditures.

3 Steps To Compliance

We customize accessiBe widget matching your site’s brand colors.

Takes a few minutes
One-time fee $185
Get it within 48 hours

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