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We call them "Growth Stories." Our mission is to help our Clients grow across all online (and offline) channels. To provide strong foundational strategies to improve sales, enhance & protect branding, and grow audience.

JACK'S Quality Beans

JACK'S Quality Beans is a line of high-quality organic, low sodium, beans. The company prides itself on sustainability. Proudly packaged in recyclable cartons made form FSC certified paper. The beans taste cleaner and better, so you can feel good while you enjoy this protein and fiber packed food.

We were called in to do a short improvement project to optimize Jack's Amazon storefront. Combined products in new parentage plan which immediately yielded improvement in sales and engagement. Revamped PPC advertising campaigns, Built out new Stores page and infographics. Prepared premium bean brand for a Walmart launch. These results created in 60 days after re-launch.

Improved GSV 20% with m/m average growth of 36%

PPC ad impressions avg. +161% m/m & 218% total growth

Sales from PPC advertising improved average of 107% m/m

JACK'S Quality BeansJACK'S Quality Beans


The original West-Coast pickle company. Fresh from the farm to sunny Santa Barbara factory, peak-season produce is hand-packed in the bold & spicy brine that makes a West Coast pickle truly shine. Their signature recipe blends punchy California chiles and umami-rich aromatics with a classic vinegar pucker and delightfully snackable crunch.

Worked for a 6-month term to assist in optimizing Amazon product listings and building out new Amazon PPC campaigns through focused keyword research.

13% average m/m growth of GSV

14% average m/m growth of total PPC ad impressions

21% average m/m growth of total sales from Sponsored Products ads

293% average m/m growth of Sponsored Brands ads



The world's first squeezable kraut. The Sauer Frau is serious about kraut. With three distinct recipes – Classic, Craft Beer Mustard, and Bavarian with Caraway Seeds – there’s a perfect sauerkraut flavor for every persnickety palate. Less mess. Less waste. Less hassle.

Launched brand on Amazon and managed PPC advertising.

129% y/y improvement Amazon GSV

Average Return On Ad Spend +18% m/m for 6 months

Total PPC ad impressions +521% y/y


Elegant Brie

Elegant Brie is based on the founders' love of entertaining.  They have been making these brie appetizers for years. Family and friends continuously told them, "Hey, you should market and sell these!!"  So there we are, offering this super-premium baked brie appetizer to you and your family to enjoy. Elegant Brie wants you to take all the credit -- tell your guests that YOU baked it, because you did.

Assisted frozen baked brie brand in Northern California with Amazon product page optimization in preparation for a special promotion with Amazon's Oprah's Favorite Things.

Elegant BrieElegant Brie


At LEMONETTE®, the lemon is more than a flavor. It is the foundation for ALL of this woman-owned company's premium flavors. Thoughtfully crafted in small batches in California using familiar ingredients you can pronounce. LEMONETTE® is a fresh & wholesome alternative to vinegar, cream and soy-based dressings. Enjoy it on greens, beans, grains, fish, poultry and more.

Worked on Amazon launch and optimization. Managed PPC advertising. Worked on storefront optimization and keyword strategy. This was a 6-month engagement.

Average 18% m/m growth in sales from all PPC ads

Average 61% m/m growth in sales from Sponsored Brands PPC ads

Average 10% m/m growth in total GSV over 6 months


Coffee Manufactory

This delicious premium coffee brand is sold and served at Tartine Bakery and other fine retailers. Coffee Manufactory was born from a conversation about what the founders dreamt to be possible in coffee. The company started as a very small team with over two decades of green coffee supply chain experience. Joining with their friends Tartine Bakery who shared a philosophy towards sustainable sourcing and most importantly doing things on a human scale.

We were thrilled to begin working with this brand on an Amazon launch. However COVID during this time was a very challenging obstacle we had to deal with in our overall work.

Average 317% m/m GSV growth over 5 months

Average monthly PPC ad impressions +8% m/m

Sponsored Products PPC m/m growth average 51%

Average of 19% m/m growth of Return on Ad Spend over 5 months

Coffee ManufactoryCoffee Manufactory


Agromonte, a Sicilian company leader in the production and transformation of cherry tomato, produces typical products of the Sicilian tradition.

Launched premium pasta sauce company from Sicily on Amazon.

Full buildout of storefront & product listings

Organized product parentage

Readied optimized listings for PPC advertising



SunnyGem has a combined 200 years of experience in farming. We farm thousands of acres of almonds each year in California’s Central Region. With great care we sort, process, and lovingly prepare this delicious oil for your table. We only use the finest almonds from California orchards. No chemical slop, just 100% virgin, cold-pressed, golden almond oil for your cooking and baking pleasure.

Currently optimizing existing Amazon storefront and will be working on PPC ad management after launch.



For 5 generations, since 1877, their family has taken great pride in farming the rich prairie soils overlooked by Pilot Knob, a local high point near Oneida, IL. This company brand's crop – premium, hull-less popcorn – is grown with special care and passion for a more natural taste and better texture.

In 2020, we launched this brand on Amazon with a full buildout and currently manage PPC advertising, promotions, and support.

150% avg. y/y growth in total Amazon GSV over 3 years

Full store buildout, optimization, & PPC management

"We’re grateful for Lou and Ludwig Marketing for their commitment to small, growing brands like ours. Being a family farm we do our best to produce ultimate quality—and that’s our focus. Lou’s team focuses on helping our brand grow in ways that we don’t have the time or experience for. He and his team keep us motivated to continually go farther. We’ve been pitched to by a lot of marketing firms and Lou’s team is the first that we feel consistently comfortable with, trust to have our best needs in mind and grow our brand. Often marketing can feel like throwing money into the air with little known about what the outcome will be. Lou is extremely transparent in showing us our growth, potential, opportunities, gaps and even more importantly where and how we can fill those gaps to grow even stronger overall. His team is part of our team." – Karlie B, Pilot Knob Comforts



Papalote Salsa is the culmination of nearly 50 years of family traditions, secret recipes, and culinary expertise. Created at Papalote Mexican Grill in the Mission District, San Francisco.

We're currently working with this premium salsa brand on Shopify website launch. Full buildout and design of website e-commerce.

Full Shopify e-commerce website design

Product page integrations for multipacks

Setup & full theme buildout


FOSTER'S Asparagus

Foster's Asparagus (Columbia Valley Family Farms) is a leading specialty pickled product producer and fresh pack asparagus producer headquartered in Pasco, Washington. The family has farmed asparagus in the Columbia Basin for more than 36 years. The company is built on a foundation that directly reflects their core values of integrity, honesty, and family. Today, Foster’s Pickled Products are available throughout the USA and Canada via online, retail outlets, grocery stores, and major wholesale chains.

Built, designed, and launched new Shopify website and on Walmart Marketplace. Full buildout and support.

Shopify y/y growth in GSV +130%

Shopify Online Store Conversion Rate average growth m/m 49% for 2023

Walmart GSV average 27% growth m/m since launch

"We're super excited to have worked with Ludwig Marketing & Sales who did a fantastic job designing and building our new Shopify website."

FOSTER'S AsparagusFOSTER'S Asparagus


Dedicated to always seeking and using the best in proven, clean ingredients to support healthy aging and beautiful skin, consumer advocate Myra Michelle transformed the natural skincare industry offering the first professional strength, non-toxic skincare formulas with MyChelle Dermaceuticals in 2000. Today Myra is the founder of Botanical Rush, and again the first in setting the standard in the evolution of powerful, extraordinary skincare at affordable prices.

We were happy to launch this fantastic woman-owned brand on Amazon, building out product pages, A+ Content, and Stores page. We're currently managing PPC campaigns for this growing brand.

115% m/m growth 3rd month post launch

5,874% avg. m/m growth PPC ad impressions 3 months post launch


The YES Bar

The YES Bar is a premium snack cookie. Making delicious food that empowers your health and wellness. Everyone deserves good nutrition and to know that someone cares. The YES Bar is made in small batches using the same recipe from Abigail's kitchen. They source, plant-based, clean ingredients from farmers they know and suppliers they trust, many of them in California.

Optimized and re-launched storefront for national supplement manufacturer. Recommended cyber attorney-based 3rd party solution provider to remove numerous unwanted sellers. Launched and managed Amazon advertising. Helped client develop stronger benefit-driven branding via new lifestyle pictures.

225% GSV increase in 4months

180% increase in buy box wins

15% avg. m/m ad sales growth in 4months

“Working with LM&S has been an absolute pleasure. They appreciated and supported our active engagement in re-launching our products on Amazon and were responsive and highly engaged.” – Jeremy C.

The YES BarThe YES Bar


Optimized and re-launched storefront for national supplement manufacturer. Recommended cyber attorney-based 3rd party solution provider to remove numerous unwanted sellers. Launched and managed Amazon advertising. Helped client develop stronger benefit-driven branding via new lifestyle pictures.

‍225% GSV increase in <4months

180% increase in buy box wins

15% avg. m/m ad sales growth <4months

“Lou and his team were easy to work with and accessible. They advised on the best way to achieve our goals on Amazon and helped us execute it.” – Scott E


Search Dog Foundation

Founded in 1996, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Santa Paula, California. Our mission is to strengthen disaster response in America by rescuing and recruiting dogs and partnering them with firefighters and other first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters.

We launched 50 products in 3 weeks including official apparel, gifts, pet products, and pet nutritional supplements. The Amazon project was created as a special consumer push to finish its $50M campaign to build the country’s only full-scale National Training Center for America’s Canine Search Teams. Created SEO plan and promo campaigns in pet category.

200% growth in total GSV

220% improvement in page conversions

Lowered total ACoS to 5% over 2 year period

“Thanks for helping us create significant results and exposure for our charity via the launch of our closeout canine supplements on Amazon and official Amazon online storefront.” – David K

Search Dog FoundationSearch Dog Foundation

Kasandrinos Olive Oil

Reorganized parent/child products. Wrote new copy using updated formatting with keywords and SEO. Re-did SEO for titles, product description, and backend search terms. Added lifestyle photos with more engaging story. Automated customer service emails. Consolidated old product reviews into new listings.

‍189% increase in sessions/page views

266% increase in ordered product sales

180%+ conversion rate to 32+%

Kasandrinos Olive OilKasandrinos Olive Oil


This premium brand is all about a love of quality, organic, real chocolate. The company works with small producer communities around the world and they love them too. They also love the planet. Most of all they love their beautiful wholefood ingredients – turning them into products like activated breakfast cereals, organic superfoods and their delicious fair trade raw organic chocolate.

We created an Amazon product re-launch plan with stronger branded content for this international chocolate manufacturer. Optimized with new Stores Page and A+ Content. Created positioning report yielding high-performing keywords for stronger discoverability. Launched Amazon advertising variety pack listing with a key social media influencer.

405% average m/m growth in <4 months

Over 80% growth in sales from ads

59% lowered ACoS <4 months


La Monarca

La Monarca...THE SWEET FLAVOR OF MEXICO, is an authentic Mexican premium brand of gourmet coffees and traditional cookies. Inspired by the pan dulce and pastries they grew up enjoying in their hometown in Mexico, Co-founders Ricardo Cervantes and Alfredo Livas created La Monarca Bakery.

We launched them on Walmart Marketplace and were able to repurpose their company branded content for Walmart Marketplace's Full Item Spec product feed.

Successfully launched products

Content score 75%+ on Listing Quality Dashboard

Steady sales & impressions growth

La MonarcaLa Monarca


At FRUIT for THOUGHT, this premium brand wants to keep snacking simple, so it’s easy for you to make choices that help fuel your fulfilling life. In their dried fruit snacks and trail mixes, you'll find only nature's purest ingredients - and they'll hit the sweet spot. Just premium quality fruit and nuts brought to you in simple snacking form.

We helped Client develop stronger Amazon performance including PPC advertising, product positioning and pricing, and assisted FBA. Helped client tell a more engaging and visually appealing brand story around strong family legacy of quality dried-fruit. Assisted with Amazon promotions.

‍642% GSV increase in <8 months

15% avg. m/m ad sales growth <8 months

Under 30% avg. ACoS for 6 months

“LM&S was instrumental in launching and scaling our Amazon business. Each year we worked with Lou and his team, we saw YoY sales growth of roughly 150%. They are as invested in our business as we are, and we value them as a true extension of our team.” – Bonnie B



We’re proud to have helped Italy's #1 Brand of vinegar in all categories successfully launch their delicious product line here in the USA on Amazon. We enjoyed working with the team at PONTI – here and in Italy, such a fantastic brand and a great Client. We're very proud of our work to position this wonderful brand for e-commerce success in the United States.

‍Full content buildout

Over 40 SKUs

Brand Registry support

“So grateful to Lou and his team for building and launching our brand on Amazon.com! His team is AWESOME! They are super professional, qualified, timely, proactive and most importantly, reliable! I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, guiding, expert partner for Amazon! Thank you so much LM&S!." – Kim S



CHILE CRUNCH® is the world's original, authentic, deliciously versatile Chile crunch or Chile crisp. Raised in Mexico City, Owner/Founder, Susie Hojel was exposed to a diversity of spices and chiles that were the base for many different types of dishes and salsas. These flavor profiles vary regionally and are influenced by native (Aztec & Mayan) and European (Spanish & French) cuisines. CHILE CRUNCH was born and inspired from the flavors of Mexico. Artisan crafted with just the very perfect amount of heat, spice, & crunch.

We’ve worked with CHILE CRUNCH since 2017 and have had the pleasure of seeing sales steadily grow on Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, and Shopify. We've accelerated sales and enhanced company branding for this dynamic woman-owned condiment entrepreneur. Their online sales continually deliver consistent hi volume sales month after month.

‍Under 20% average ACoS over 3 years

1,000% sales growth GSV all platforms

Over 1,300 Amazon ratings

"I'm so happy and proud to have had the support of Lou and his team since 2017 to help grow my brand across all e-commerce channels: Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify. Their work has been nothing short of game changing." – Susie H


Tahitian Gold

Premium vanilla products sold online and food service. Family-owned company creating innovative specialty vanilla products. Their passion is vanilla and its intriguing and seductive flavors and fragrances. The company's focus is on the distinctive flavor profiles of vanilla's two commercial species — Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla planifolia.

Launched Tahitian Gold on Amazon with a full buildout including working collaboratively with the awesome TG team creating A+ content, Stores pages, listing parentage and page optimization, Brand Registry, SEO keyword optimization, and PPC advertising management for 10 months post launch.

Average 71% m/m total GSV growth over 10 months

Average 102% m/m growth of total PPC ad impressions

Average 52% m/m growth of Sponsored Products ad impressions

Tahitian GoldTahitian Gold

Chef Gerrie

Launched unique condiment company "Slathers" for woman-owned Ohio-based business. Platforms were Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, and Shopify. Organized database CRM on HubSpot for Consumers, Retailers, and Distributors.

‍Over 20% year over year growth

Multiplatform launch

Managing CRM via HubSpot

"Lou and his team of experts’ were dedicated to developing my brand, website, and social media positioning. Their attention to detail and creative approach to bring Chef Gerrie Slathers to Amazon Prime to LIFE! In no time at all!!! All their work is evident in all aspects of my Amazon Storefront and Shopify website www.chefgerrie.com." – Gerrie B

Chef GerrieChef Gerrie