Earn 6.5X ROI with NANO & MICRO Food Influencers

Stuck with underperforming Social Media?
No matter how many times you post, the needle just doesn't move. And every time you invest in ads, you never see a profitable return. Sound familiar?

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Influencer campaigns on average net you 6.5X ROI. Here's a simple, affordable, and profitable way to boost audience growth and e-commerce with Food Influencers.

What Is Influencer Marketing?
It's when an Influencer works with a brand to promote its products. Brand mentions and endorsements can help improve brand recognition. In return, the brand compensates them with cash, free product, or rewards. Work with Influencers to create sponsored content and discounts to affiliate links and much more.

Why Invest in Speciality Food Influencers?

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Benefits Working
With Food Influencers

Hire them to create original content highlighting your products. Save money and avoid unnecessary work when an Influencer's audience tells you whether or not they're interested in your new product.

Influencers can introduce brands to communities you might never have considered targeting. Discount offers and affiliate links can boost product sales.

Programs such as Amazon Attribution (Brand Referral Program) can kick you back a percent for directing shoppers to your Amazon store. Reviews from customers create trust for future potential customers.


"It gives me a lot more confidence to work with Influencers."

Diane C

"Everything you need to
start making money quickly."

Keana H

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2023 Food Influencer FastStart Kit

Four essential resources for you to get in the game.

We've created 4 step-by-step resources to help you succeed with Food Influencers. No matter what your food category, there’s an Influencer waiting to share your brand with their engaged and passionate audience.

The officual Ludwig List

1k NANO/MICRO Specialtu Food Influencers

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follower count
engagement rates

Campaign Kit Strategy Handbook

Your guide to extending your reach for brands on a budget

Identify marketing goals
pick the right influencer
best pratices & outreach tips

Influencer Contract Checklist

Due diligence helps you prepare a campaign

informational template
keep track of important tasks
use prior to creating campaigns

Sample Contract

Very handy agreement template ready for you

Attorney vetted
cut & paste template
saves time & money

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