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We combine over 25 years experience with gourmet CPG brands with growth-driven online marketing & sales.

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Pilot Knob Comforts
Chile Crunch Soup
Fosters Asparagus

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Our motto: Always help deliver growth.



Navigating The Platform & Growing Your Brand Can Be Beyond Frustrating!
Stuck with no reliable resource to launch new products or fix your existing store? Our expertise with food brands and proven 4-Pillar Amazon Method will improve sales, enhance & protect your branding, & grow your audience reach.
Struggling To Find & Reach A New Online Audience?
Consider Walmart Marketplace. With record growth, especially with upwardly mobile millennials, we can launch your brand and optimize your store.
Does Your Website Not Drive Enough E-Commerce Sales & Engage Site visitors & online shoppers?
Switch to Shopify or get the most out of the world's strongest E-Commerce engine. We offer custom, affordable, & powerful web solutions. Includes design, optimization, & maintenance.

Marketing & Sales

How Lovable & effective Are Your Online Marketing & Sales Efforts?
If you struggle with organizing your contact database & communicating with them, let's implement a CRM plan for Consumers & Retailers. Once that's dialed in, we'll do more effective E-Mail Marketing and Social Media. Our Plans speak to issues food brands face.
Is your social media not getting the results you need?
Consider our Influencer FastStart Kit to help you sell more and grow your audience with NANO & MICRO food Influencers. Get over 6X ROI on campaigns. Start today!
If your website isn't ADA compliant, you risk costly litigation. It's happening more with CPG companies doing e-commerce. Protect yourself.
Make your website inclusive for people with disabilities. Get the peace of mind with our simple, affordable ADA Compliance solution in 48 hours.

Let Us Help Grow Your Food Brand

Improve Sales
Our services will help you grow sales to both Consumers & Wholesale.
Enhance Branding
We'll help you position your brand effectively on all platforms.
Grow Audience
Influencer resources to help you gain more followers

Take It From Some Of Our Clients

We're grateful for the opportunity to have worked with some of these fantastic companies. Every brand wants to grow. We get that.
We thank our most valued Clients for their kind words and appreciate the trust they've put in us to deliver sound strategy and effective work.

Navigating and growing on today's online platforms isn't easy. But rest assured, we'll help you get there. Our background in food combined with knowhow and technical expertise gives us the unique skills to elevate your brand.
Mark W
“Great team. You helped us take control of Amazon Advertising and were very easy to work with. Helped reduce ACoS and drive new sales, optimized our listings to help improve conversions.”
Jeff H
D&D Technologies
“Ludwig Marketing took over our Amazon business and in a short period of time they improved our product listings and implemented an advertising program resulting in increased sales volume.”
Brent M
Foster's Asparagus
"We're super excited to have worked with Ludwig Marketing & Sales who did a fantastic job designing and building our new Shopify website."
Kim S.
“So grateful to LM&S for building and launching our brand on Amazon! Your team is AWESOME, super professional, qualified, timely, proactive and most importantly, reliable! I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, guiding, expert partner for Amazon! Thank you so much.”
Bonnie B.
Fruit for Thought
“LM&S was instrumental in launching and scaling our Amazon business. Each year we worked with Lou and his team, we saw YoY sales growth of roughly 150%. They are as invested in our business as we are.”
Susie H.
Chile Crunch
“I'm so proud to have had the support of Lou and his team since 2017 to help grow my brand on Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify plus HubSpot CRM, Social Media, and Email Marketing. Their work has been game changing for my company. They know the food business and what it takes for brands to succeed. Grateful for all of your help over the years.”
Jeremy C.
“Working with LM&S has been an absolute pleasure. They appreciated and supported our active engagement in re-launching our products on Amazon and were responsive and highly engaged.”
Mark W
“Great team. You helped us take control of Amazon Advertising and were very easy to work with. Helped reduce ACoS and drive new sales, optimized our listings to help improve conversions.”

Results Served Up Daily

E-Commerce Gross Sales
Helping food brands on Amazon, Walmart, and Website E-Commerce drive more sales & higher profits. It's our mission & passion.
Product Ratings & Reviews
Today's empowered buyer demands you build social proof. Ratings and reviews are critical to growth strategy across all e-commerce.
Meals For Kids We've Helped Feed
We're proud of our partnership with No Kid Hungry & will continue donating a portion of our revenue to end hunger for kids in America.