what we do

Helping Brands Grow Online

Over 30 years of experience in the industry gives us the experience to effectively elevate your brand. It also means we get where you're coming from.

We deliver results by applying our knowledge of specialty and gourmet brand marketing and sales with knowledge of your key online platforms.

The LM&S Flywheel

We've designed this flywheel to help you visualize the approach we use to help our specialty food Clients grow better.

On the outer ring are the three key results you'll achieve: Improve Sales, Enhance Branding, & Grow Audience. Next, in the middle ring are the platforms you'll launch & grow on: Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Shopify, & Food Influencers.

Finally, in the center is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Here's where you'll create more lovable marketing & sales such as Social Media and E-mail marketing via a more organized, scalable, CRM plan for Consumers & Retailers, using today's leading online platform HubSpot.

When done right, you'll remove the gaps and friction points that slow your flywheel down. The result: success!

Your Agency Partner

We're an e-commerce digital marketing & sales agency for global specialty foods manufacturer brands. Our services include helping grow online sales via Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Shopify & HubSpot.

Our other services and products include HubSpot CRM Strategy, Specialty Food Influencers Resources, and ADA Website Compliance Solutions. LM&S is a HubSpot Provider.

We’re committed to improve sales, enhance branding, and grow your audience in the USA. We donate a portion of our revenue to help end childhood hunger in America.

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