Frequently Asked Questions

We've organized FAQs around questions about us, our methods, what's it like to engage with us, and more. If we didn't cover your particular question or concern, please drop us a line and connect.

How does Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify growth work?

Growing on these platforms is mostly a long-term strategy but we’ve seen many Sellers get fast results. It really depends on a number of factors specific to that platform. It also depends on your channel strategy with brick & mortar and online, and whether your brand is trademarked. But another huge factor driving growth is how much ongoing marketing support you can provide to each platform such as e-mail marketing, organic & paid social media, influencer marketing, promotions, and much more.

That said, it's always a good idea to use the advertising and promotional offerings of Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, and your own marketing efforts for your Shopify E-commerce. Driving eyeballs within your sphere of owned media areas to these e-commerce platforms all can play a big role to support your growth.

We're already making e-comm sales. Why do we need LM&S?

Indeed, wherever you are, you'll want to ask yourself if you can improve what would it look like? And also, where are the gaps, bottlenecks, and friction points preventing us from doing more business and growing your brand. We can partner with you as an extension of your team to improve target areas. And we create a relationship that's mutually productive, saves you time, hassle, and money, where we might be able to shoulder the burden in key areas.

Why launch on Walmart Marketplace? Isn't Amazon enough?

Maybe it's enough, but why would you not want to use assets created from Amazon and launch on a new marketplace? Walmart is making a major run at Amazon for the online e-commerce dollar. We feel diversifying your e-commerce with Walmart Marketplace make sense in that it gives you exposure to a whole new community, protects you in case something happens to your Amazon store, and gives you a new stream of income.

What kind of results are we looking at?

We have documented measurable and often times significant business results for many of our clients as a result of our work together. View our Case Studies.

Can we guarantee we’ll hit our goals?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee achieving goals. But we do ask you give us what your revenue targets are so we can align ourselves. Factors that affect results include your company’s resources, budget, and so on. When you work with us, we need collaboration and transparency. What we can guarantee is by working with us, you’ll get a bright team of dedicated pros working on your account who bring extensive expertise in gourmet brands as well as digital knowhow.

When do we start seeing results?

It varies. You can get quick wins. Others can take much more time to gain traction. For brands building e-commerce, you may see noticeable sales bumps based on your marketing efforts on each e-commerce platform and your marketing efforts in general. Whatever the case, you'll need to be in a continuous improvement and be ready to pivot if things aren't working.

Typically our best fit clients have the following

• Minimum $100K annual gross sales in all channels
• You’re a niche non-commoditized brand
• A unique story, product differentiation, & value proposition
• Growing brick & mortar distribution
• An authorized seller agreement
• A MAP agreement plan
• Enforceable supply control
• Solid co-packing that can scale
• Good fulfillment & logistics
• You’re committed to outstanding customer service
• A federally-registered USA trademark or are getting one

Do you make us sign long-term contracts?

No, we believe in collaborating and aligning toward shared goals as Client and Agency partner. We encourage our clients to stick with us for at least 6 months so there’s enough time to start seeing measurable traction.

Is it better for us to Do it Ourselves or work with an Agency?

Agencies have expertise your team may not. So working with an agency may be less expensive in the long run. Better still, is working with an Agency that specializes in specialty foods. Like us. We may be ultimately better suited to help you deliver results faster with better quality, and alleviate the time, energy, resources, money, and sweat it takes to navigate online platforms.

What is "Inbound" growth and how does it work?

Inbound is really a philosophy built around helping. For Marketing, it means we use a magnet not a megaphone to draw people into your world instead of dated interruptive methods – like getting a spammy e-mail s. For Sales, gone are the days of hard-charging closers. Instead Inbound is all about putting the emphasis on nurturing relationships through conversations tailored around where your contact is in their Buyer’s Journey.